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What I Make
                                             Custom Made Cakes

* Chocolate fudge cake with vanilla buttercream and chocolate ganache glaze
* Southern coconut cake
* Red Velvet cake
* Key lime cake (3 layer key lime cake with white chocolate frosting)
* German chocolate cake
* Chocolate mousse cake (3-layer chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling)
* Lemon mousse cake (3 layer lemon cake with lemon curd filling)
* Chocolate peanut butter cake
* Carrot cake
* Old-fashioned chocolate layer cake w/chocolate frosting
* Spice cake with orange buttercream
* Chocolate mint layer cake
* Pecan molasses bundt cake with bourbon glaze
* Jewish apple cake
* Southern Italian cream cake
* Coconut Layer Cake
* Humming Bird Cake
* German Chocolate Cake
* Mint Chocolate Chip Layer Cake
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